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8 settembre 2010

The Electric Bridge


Regularly we see in the newspapers great front page headlines about recent scientific discoveries. Both in the very big as well as the very small, from astronomy via cell biology to particle physics, stupendous discoveries are made with very advanced detection equipment. Much classification work, an important part of scientific research, has been done with dazzling precision. Yet the understanding of the ‘how’ and in particular the ‘why’ is a different story. 

Efforts to come to a so called “unified theory of everything” have been opposed almost a century long by a stubborn nature, which refuses to reveal its secrets so easy.

In particle physics for example it is still not understood why some particles have mass and others not. And in astronomy we have to live with concepts like black holes, dark matter and dark energy – concepts which are in principle non-observable, yet invented by theoretical speculation. New discoveries often call for more questions than that they supply answers on long outstanding problems of science. 

Of the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) of CERN in Geneva – an impressive and almost unique example of international cooperation – it is more or less expected that it will give new dynamics to the field of physics. A physics, which despite a number of successes, has arrived at a certain impasse, with all kinds of open fundamental questions eagerly waiting for an answer.

We will discuss some developments in the realm of science, which are particularly of interest from the point of view of the Ageless Wisdom and electricity and magnetism.

Please note that although most of the information we will discuss has been published in official and renowned scientific journals, much of what we have to say is not yet “main stream” science. In moments of crises there is often resistance and confusion. Main stream science produces a lot of resistance, whereas “new” science too often is trapped by glamours of all kinds. Science will not rapidly admit to be in a crisis - it has invented a word for that: “paradigm shift.” Not all recent discussions about paradigm shifts, however, correspond with real shifts in scientific thinking. We hope to shed some light on the cross roads emerging in the scientific research of today.

As the title indicates, the focus will be on electricity (and magnetism). But also on the bridge: Electricity plays a role in many, if not all, areas of manifestation, and we will touch upon concepts as vast as galaxies in the sky as well as upon topics as small as cells in the human body.

To not get lost immediately we will first give some basics from the point of view of the Ageless Wisdom.
Then we will explain what we mean by “the Electric Universe.”
And we will see what that implies for galaxies, our Sun, and our planet Earth.
Finally we will have a short look at its implications for the human cell.

The scientific community of today takes as premises of cosmology:

The evolution and current behaviour of the galaxies, stars and planets is mainly an effect of the laws of gravity. At high school you may have learned the laws of Sir Isaac Newton (classical gravitation) which were later extended by Albert Einstein to include special and general relativity.

The universe as such is electrically neutral. As gravitation governs the global behaviour of celestial bodies, there is no need to take electrical phenomena on board in our cosmology – the equations of general relativity are already complicated enough.

These equations, with some further assumptions, lead to a solution which implies the “Big Bang.” The term “Big Bang” was originally proposed as a mockery by Sir Fred Hoyle, one of the opponents of the theory of the Big Bang. Science cannot explain what happened before the Big Bang (the laws of physics are said to simply break down there).

To keep the explanation of the current cosmology consistent with new observations, black holes were invented: objects which would absorb everything, even light. As some time later radiation was detected from the location where black holes were supposed to be, the theory was cleverly adapted.
“Dark matter” was invented also to keep the observed velocities of certain objects in the universe in correspondence with the framework of gravitational cosmology. Concepts which were never seen or detected on earth, but are needed in order to explain recent observations. Currently one estimates that over 90% of the universe exists of this never seen dark matter (which by definition is not directly observable).

Historically the first observations were done in the rather small window of visible light, which is only part of the full spectrum of electromagnetic radiation. Now, with modern equipment, we can observe the sky in almost any area ranging from X rays to radio waves. With the amazing power and precision of modern telescopes like the Hubble telescope in the Sky and the Very Large Telescope in Chile we are now receiving images of the sky with constant surprise and amazement.

Not only in the vastness of the sky we have now super telescopes at our disposal. In the small, with the help of electronic microscopes, we can observe the cell with unimaginable precision. The cell is composed roughly of a membrane, a nucleus and the cytoplasm. And in the nucleus we find the genes, which contain the famous DNA cells. Please note here the spiral character of both the genes and the DNA molecules.

Cell biology tells us that much of our appearance and many of our diseases are related to the DNA.
And an enormous effort has been made to decipher the human genome.
In current medicine, including sometimes the field of psychology, many causes of observed effects are traced back to the DNA molecules of our cells.

The Ageless Wisdom

What has the Ageless Wisdom to tell us about all this?

Alice Bailey tells us:

Time and Space are but states of consciousness. 1

This is a very profound statement, but try to keep it in mind during the rest of the exposé.

In 1877 H.P.B. Wrote:

There is no gravitation in the Newtonian sense, but only magnetic attraction and repulsion…
it is by their magnetism that the planets of the solar system have their motions regulated in their respective orbits by the still more powerful magnetism of the sun, not by their weight or gravitation.2

Einstein was not born yet. And H.P.B. goes on:

Believing but in the law of mutual magneto-electric attraction and repulsion… come to the conclusion that ‘universal gravitation is a weak force,’ utterly incapable of accounting for even one small portion of the phenomena of motion.3

We now know that the electrical force indeed is much – much – stronger than the gravitational force. They differ by 39 orders of magnitude (10 with 39 zeroes)!

The earth is a magnetic body; in fact, as some scientists have found, it is one vast magnet, as Paracelsus affirmed some 300 years ago. It is charged with one form of electricity — let us call it positive — which it evolves continuously by spontaneous action, in its interior or centre of motion.4

Somewhat later Sir Oliver Lodge noted seven steps in the evolution of stars:

  • Ether full of intrinsic circulation.
  • Everything flows, nothing is stagnant.
  • Fusing of specks of ether into electric charges.
  • Cohering of these charges to constitute atoms of matter.
  • Agglomeration of matter into clouds endowed with rotation.
Gradual increase of rotating speed until masses emit rays which break into great stars of high temperature, the radiation loss from which makes them shrink into compacter stars from whence are born the germs of life.

Stars loose their substance, shrink, darken and perhaps ultimately disappear, leaving once more Ether and Radiation so that the whole process can conceivably begin again.5

And Sir Oliver Lodge concludes:

Matter tends to be swallowed up by electricity again.5

Such theories were quite popular at that time, including thoughts about the ether.

Coming back to Alice Bailey, she wrote:

Fire by friction is to be somewhat understood by the scientists of the world, and we are harnessing to our needs the fire which heats, which gives light, and which produces motion. This is in the physical sense of the words.

One of the imminent discoveries will be the integrating power of electricity as it produces the cohesion within all forms and sustains all form life during the cycle of manifested existence.

It produces also the coming together of atoms and of the organisms within forms,
so constructing that which is needed to express the life principle.

… This will be released in fuller measure during the Aquarian age, through the agency of the seventh ray. One of its earliest effects will be the increase of the understanding of brotherhood and its really scientific basis.6

And about the etheric body she wrote

The etheric body is the next aspect of the world substance to be studied by scientists and investigators.
The time will be hastened if thinking men and women can formulate intelligent ideas anent this interesting subject. We can aid in the revelation of the truth by our clear thinking and from the standpoint of the present pronouncements about the ether, scientists will eventually arrive at an understanding of etheric forms and bodies. 7

From A Treatise on Cosmic Fire by Alice Bailey we infer 8 :

First Logos
Second Logos
Third Logos
Active Intelligence
Linear motion
Spiral motion
Circular motion

There are many ways to reflect on this table, but please keep in mind the spiral motion of the second aspect. A spiral motion is the combination of a linear motion (first aspect) and a circular motion (third aspect). One could also say that it is the intermediary motion between the two.

To finish we quote a more recent statement coming from the group of scientists involved in the furthering of ideas re the electric sky:

From the smallest particle to the largest galactic formation,
a web of electrical circuitry connects and unifies all of nature,
organizing galaxies, energizing stars, giving birth to planets and,
on our own world, controlling weather and animating biological organisms.

There are no isolated islands in an electric universe. 9

The Electric Universe

The idea of an “electric universe” 10 within the scientific community knows a number of pioneers of which we mention some:
Christian Birkeland (Norway, 1876-1917).
Irving Langmuir (USA, 1881-1957, Nobel prize 1932)
Hannes Alfvén (Sweden, 1908-1995, Nobel prize 1970)
Christian Birkeland was a pioneering scientist, who even participated in an expedition to the North Pole. He studied all kinds of electric phenomena, in the laboratory and in the field, including the Aurora or Northern Light, explaining them in terms of electromagnetic concepts. He never won the Nobel prize, but was nominated several times and his picture still figures on a 200 Krone bank note of Norway.

Irving Langmuir obtained the Nobel prize of 1932, and is particularly known for his investigations in plasma physics – as part of his investigations in electromagnetic phenomena. He introduced the term “plasma” for the first time in electrodynamics.

Hannes Alfvén can be considered the father of the electric universe approach. He obtained the Nobel prize in 1970 for his work on this subject, although unfortunately his research has mostly been ignored by the majority of the scientific community.

More recent prominents in the field include: Anthony Peratt, Donald Scott, David Talbott, Wallace Thornhill, who are actively doing research and publishing results.

This group of scientists approaches the subject along two lines:
  • Pure physics,
  • History combined with mythology.
Although the line of mythology also gives stunning results and many fascinating new insights, time does not permit us to develop this approach here.

The basic assumptions of the electric sky theory are:
Space is not empty but filled with plasma.
Celestial bodies are not electrically neutral but charged, including our Sun, planets, etc.
Interactions between bodies are mainly electro-magnetic (the electro-magnetic force is much, much stronger than gravity: 1039 – a 10 with 39 zeroes!).
Steady-state model: no beginning, no end.
No Big Bang.
No need for black holes, dark matter, dark energy,… .

What is a plasma, in this context?

The best example is a neon tube, which is filled with plasma. So a plasma is not something exotic, and we see it all around us. Think for example of plasma displays too.
State of matter less dense than gas (solid, liquid, gas, plasma). It is sometimes called the “fourth state of matter.” Although one might be tempted to associate this state with the “fourth ether,” this is not the case: you find plasma in neon tubes, in TV plasma displays etc. But it is coming very close to it.
Electrically quasi-neutral.
Part of the electrons move freely, dissociated from the nucleus, i.e. not bound to atoms. And the positively charged nuclei also move freely.

Within a plasma different bodies tend to form cells, separated by a wall (double layer). This is probably why Langmuir introduced the term “plasma” in comparison with the human cell. Of course we could be talking here of cells with dimensions of millions, even billions of kilometres.
Plasma knows of different phases, depending on the electric tension or potential – think of the neon tube example:

Dark: non-emitting.
Glowing: radiating light.
Arcs: lightning, thunderbolts.

Plasma physics is the same in the laboratory and in the universe. Phenomena which we observe on the scale of the laboratory are the same as when observed on a cosmic scale (i.e. with dimensions of billions of kilometres).

Only on a cosmic scale processes can take much longer time.

Electric charges within a plasma tend to form filaments and currents. Currents run from one place to another when there is an electric difference or potential. Several currents tend to run parallel and then join together like a rope. Here we see again the spiral appearing. You may look at it as a spiral bridge between two poles (or two worlds). Scientist speak here of Birkeland currents, as it was Birkeland who first studied these kind of currents extensively.


The images we are now going to see are not visible within the window of visible light only. Often they are composite images, with data from X ray, UV, infrared etc.

Cat’s Eye - centre of the nebula on the right Courtesy: NASA/JPL
Cat’s Eye - the full nebula - Courtesy: NASA/JPL

The Cat’s Eye displays very clearly an enormous activity in the sky, at first difficult to explain within a classical gravitation theory. Structures as we see here have been reproduced in laboratory experiments, of course on a much smaller scale. And they have been produced too with computer simulations based on the laws of classical electrodynamics.
The centre of the Cat’s Eye gives a fascinating picture of activity which strongly points to electric behaviour. Please note the cellular structures.

Ant Nebula - Courtesy: NASA/JPL
Explosion of a Sun like star - Courtesy: NASA/JPL

The Ant nebula again shows interactions difficult to explain by traditional gravitation, yet fitting very well within an electrical explanation.

In the picture on the right we witness the explosion of a star, supposed to be rather similar to our Sun.

The universe is full of galaxies displaying much activity, beauty and life:

Helix Nebula - Courtesy: NASA/JPL

This “all seeing eye” corresponds with the Helix nebula – a fascinating constellation.

Orion Nebula - Courtesy: NASA/JPL

A last beautiful display of electrical activity: the Orion nebula. Please note the enormous activity of all kinds in this image and the filaments connecting all parts of the constellation.

The universe is full of galaxies displaying much activity, beauty and life:

Helix Nebula - Courtesy: NASA/JPL

This “all seeing eye” corresponds with the Helix nebula – a fascinating constellation.

Orion Nebula - Courtesy: NASA/JPL

A last beautiful display of electrical activity: the Orion nebula. Please note the enormous activity of all kinds in this image and the filaments connecting all parts of the constellation.

The Sun

The following images show us the activity of our Sun in recent days. The Sun does not only radiate light and heat which we can observe daily on earth. Huge amounts of charged particles are thrown out by the Sun too.

Emission of charged particles from Sun - Courtesy: ESA/NASA/SOHO
Emission of charged particles from Sun - Courtesy: ESA/NASA/SOHO

These images are a composite of two pictures: one of the ejections of electric matter from the Sun where the Sun itself is blocked out, and another of the Sun itself. The Sun itself is too bright of course to make the ejections visible in the same picture.

Hughe emissions of the Sun - Courtesy: ESA/NASA/SOHO
All kinds of activity on the Sun - Courtesy: ESA/NASA/SOHO

The picture on the right is a composite of various pictures of the Sun taken at different wave lengths. It shows an enormous activity of all kinds.

Within the electric sky model the Sun is not simply powered by nuclear fusion within its core. It is empowered by electrical forces coming from outside, i.e. from the cosmos towards the Sun. And the Sun is radiating them further into the planetary system.

Please do not forget that the physical Sun is only the outer veil of the Central Sun – a stupendous Being in Whose Consciousness the Earth is only a little spot, as explained in more detail in Cosmic Fire.11

Planet Earth

The Aurora (or Northern & Southern Light) as observed from the sky. In the picture on the right the two lights occurred at the same time.

Birkeland, in the beginning of the last century, has already given an explanation of the Aurora in terms of electromagnetic interactions with the Sun. His explanation has long been ignored until recently it has been confirmed by direct observation with modern sophisticated satellites: The Aurora is caused by an electromagnetic interaction with the Sun.

Northen Light- Picture: Roman Krochuk 
Aurora: North & South - Courtesy: ESA/NASA/SOHO

These images are a composite of two pictures: one of the ejections of electric matter from the Sun where the Sun itself is blocked out, and another of the Sun itself. The Sun itself is too bright of course to make the ejections visible in the same picture.

Artistic impression of Earth and Sun magnetic interaction - Courtesy: W. Thornhill

Here we see an artistic interpretation of the electric double layer shielding our Earth. The layer around our planet Earth is deformed by the emission of particles and energy of the Sun (solar wind). Of course this picture is not to scale. Please note that the Moon, which is circling around the Earth, will also penetrate the double layer of the Earth! Which indicates a direct electrical interaction between the Earth and the Moon, as well as with the Sun.

The Cell

The cell’s structure, with

where the DNA is in the nucleus.

This has made us think of the nucleus as the “brain”
of the cell.

The cell membrane, however, plays a much more important role:

It is the interface with the environment. 

The cell membrane contains many specialised cells, called receptors. 

These cells can communicate with other cells, called effectors, in the environment and thus instruct the DNA how to behave. 

It appears that each second about 10,000 biochemical reactions take place at the membrane of each cell. The human body consists of roughly 5 billion cells.

Simplified view of a cell of the immune system 
Electric double layer at membrane of a cell

Recent studies thus show that this environment determines how a gene and its composing DNA will behave. And not the other way around(!), i.e. the DNA is not completely telling the cell what to do.

Also note that DNA only makes up 50% of our genes.The other 50% is composed of other proteins, which are mostly ignored by the mainstream medical studies.

The study of the interaction of the membrane with the environment and the DNA and genes is called “epigenetics.” 12 It is not difficult to imagine possible links with the work of Rupert Sheldrake and morphogenetic fields. 13 If we want to compare the nucleus with the “brain” of the cell, we can compare the membrane with the “soul” of the cell.

Electricity plays an important role here too: Through mechanical motion positive particles pass through the membrane, whereas negatively charged particles are blocked. The surplus of positive charge at the outside of the membrane produces an electric potential – compare with the double layers of the plasma cosmos. 

The membrane of a cell

Electricity also plays in important role in the mechanical behaviour and even structure of the DNA and other protein molecules.

“When a human crisis and a hierarchical crisis coincide,
an hour of opportunity emerges.
Let the group respond.”
In moments of crises a choice has to be made, a choice between two worlds.

From the very large dimensions of the galaxy to the very small scale of cellular biology recent studies observe very similar patterns: Electricity and spiral motion.

When we remember from the “Thunderbolts” group:

There are no isolated islands in an electric universe.

Then the prediction of Alice Bailey is coming very close:
… This will be released in fuller measure during the Aquarian age,
through the agency of the seventh ray.
One of its earliest effects will be the increase
of the understanding of brotherhood and its really scientific basis.